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George W Bush & Rufus T Firefly, Intrepid Presidents

People cite fighting the war on terror and stregthening the economy as reasons to support George W Bush. This lastest chapter in the fiasco, that we “lost” 380 TONS of explosives shows just how the Bush Administration fights terrorism: by mistake. In August, 2001 Bush was on vacation when he was warned that Osama Bin Laden and his Al Queda band were planning an attack in the US. On Sept 11, 2001 we were attacked and Bush spent 10 minutes reading to children in elementary school. The evidence pointed to Bin Laden and Al Queda, we went after Bin Laden in Afganistan, we almost had him, we outsourced the job to Afgan warlords, we got side-tracked on Saddam Houssein, we dropped Bin Laden like a distracted 5-year old with a new toy. Or Rufus T Firefly with Gloria Teasdale’s money.

This Administration Fights Terror By Mistake

We were going to Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction. Today it is understood that there were no weapons of mass destruction, that the Arms Inspections worked, that the Bush White House MADE UP documents it presented as “evidence.” So they said we were going to liberate Iraq. Nice sentiment. Are we liberating Iran next? How ’bout Syria? Or Sudan? I thought the GOP was against “Nation Building.”

Back in Iraq we lost 380 Tons of the only things remotely resembling weapons of mass destruction. How do you lose 380 TONS of explosives? I understand that Iraq is a big country, but 380 TONS – that’s like 50 Hummers or 380 normal cars. That’s enough explosives to fill a parking lot – a large parking lot. And the official response is “well if the Kerry was President it would have been worse.” How? Would Kerry have lost it drinking a glass of wine? We had more control over Iraq before the war when Clinton was President and Saddam Houssein was ostracized, embargoed, and no-fly-zoned than we do today with Saddam Houssein in jail.

How do you lose 380 Tons of Explosives?

Clinton was impeached for lying about relations with a young woman that had no bearing on national security. Bush and Cheney lied about a WAR! Bush and Cheney should be impeached for making up evidence and jeapordizing national security. Not to mention their ties to Halliburton, Enron, the bin Ladens and the House of Saud.

And on the Economy – The stock market is way down. We lost more jobs under Bush than under any President since Herbert Hoover 72 years ago. And 45 Million people – one out of six, including Nine Million children, have no medical insurance. Those who have it pay $3,000 or $6,000 or $10,000 per year. In the last debate Bush said “If you’re healthy don’t get a flu shot.” Then he warned that Kerry would ration health care. Now 45 million people have no health insurance. One out of Six Americans has no health care. That’s not rationing?

This is why the “Daily Show” on Comedy Central is so popular – too much of the news reads like satire.

So how exactly would a second Bush Administration help National Security and the Economy?

The only way a second Bush administration would help the economy and national security is that the country would be in such bad shape that no one would bother attacking.

Hollywood doesn’t need to make a movie about the Bush Presidency – it already did. “Duck Soup” starring Groucho Marx.

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