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The Real Reason for The War in Iraq

Dateline, the Meadowlands, New Jersey.

James Gandolfini, the actor formerly playing the role of Tony Soprano on the HBO Hit, “The Sopranos” has accepted a new role. Effective today he will reprise his role as Mr. Soprano, but as Spokesman for the White House.

While neither Karl Rove nor Vice President Cheney claim credit for the idea, it is hoped that it will bring bring any Republican legislators who disagree with the President back into the fold, and cause the Democrats to think twice before criticizing the President.

Mr Gandolfini, as Mr. Soprano, has announced the true nature of the mission in Iraq.

“Lots of talk was that we was looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction, the so-called ‘WMD’s’. There was also some talk about ‘Bringing Democracy to Iraq,’ the “Link” between Saddam and Bin Laden, and simply ‘Oil.’. All this is garbage.’.

We know they had no WMD, and it’s a good thing cause they might have used them on our troops.

We also know that there was no chance to bring democracy to Iraq, there was no link between Saddam and Bin Laden except that they hated each other. And we are on track to spend more money than the oil is worth.

”The real reason, and this has been recently de-classified, so I can tell you, is that we now have ‘evidence’ that Saddam was behind the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. He is also a suspect in the “drug overdose” of Jimi Hendrix in 1972. And we are investigating links between Saddam and Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of John Kennedy. This is all good hard evidence – we just finished cooking it up, so we know it’s good.

“Any Questions?

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