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Impeach Cheney? Now? With Only 12 Months to Go?

Representatives Robert Wexler (D-FL), Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), all members of the House Judiciary Committee, believe that hearings should be held on the impeachment of Vice President Cheney. In an op-ed, published in the Philadelphia Enquirer on Dec. 27, titled: “Impeach Cheney Now – The allegations that he abused power are credible” Wexler, Guiterrez, and Baldwin wrote:

The issues at hand are too serious to ignore, including credible allegations of abuse of power that, if proven, may well constitute high crimes and misdemeanors under the Constitution. The allegations against Cheney relate to his deceptive actions leading up to the Iraq war, the revelation of the identity of a covert agent for political retaliation, and the illegal wiretapping of American citizens.

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan has indicated that the vice president and his staff purposely gave him false information about the outing of Valerie Plame Wilson as a covert agent to report to the American people, it is even more important for Congress to investigate what may have been an intentional obstruction of justice. Congress should call McClellan to testify about what he described as being asked to “unknowingly [pass] along false information.” In addition, recent revelations have shown that the administration, including the vice president, may have again manipulated and exaggerated evidence about weapons of mass destruction – this time about Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Wexler, Gutierrez and Baldwin went on to argue that the Congress must take its constitutional authority seriously and hold a sober investigation, not a “Kangaroo Court” like that the Republicans used on Clinton.

But why now? Cheney has 12 months left in his term. In November, 2008, we will elect a new President and a new Vice President. How much more can Cheney do “make America more secure” in the next 12 months? What are they thinking? Will he attack Iran? It’s true that they have tremendous oil reserves and are ruled by Islamic Fundamentalists who don’t like us; but we would never attack a country simply because they had tremendous oil reserves, and their leaders didn’t like us.

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A Chorus Line – The Best Musical. Ever. No Kidding!




*Less Than Last Year If You’re Paid in Canadian Dollars

I believe that calling ‘A Chorus Line’ the ‘Best Musical Ever!’ is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And I was telling that to the guy from whom I am purchased the Brooklyn Bridge.

Better than ‘Camelot’ – about love and honor. Who cares about love and honor? Or ‘West Side Story.’ Love. Honor. What was that profound and deeply moving song by the J. Geils Band, ‘Love Stinks!’ And Tina Turner’s ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ ‘A Chorus Line’ explores the timeless quest to become rich and famous, to become a star and develop your own following of Paparazzi who will love you when you break their cameras or emerge half naked from a limo. Screw art – as Frank Zappa put it, ‘We’re Only In It For The Money.’

Of course, ‘Star Trek – The Musical,’ if it was produced, might actually edge out ‘Chorus Line,’ depending on the whether Leonard Nimoy reprises the role of Spock and sings, or they get Leonard Cohen to do it – as long as it’s a Jewish Canadian from Montreal (who better to play an alien who thinks too much than a brooding Jew from Montreal?) and whether Shatner loses 30 pounds to come to the great white way as an older, but still virile, Captain Kirk. And of course if they get Beyonce to play Uhura, and bring in Johnny Depp, Kiera Knightly, and Orlando Bloom as Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann, and Will Turner – wait that’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

‘Moby Dick, Rehearsed’ was great. I saw it off-off-Broadway – so far off it was practically the East River. Based on the fact that Orsen Wells wrote it, I expected a dark story that probes arrogance, obsession, and stubborness to the point of foolishness, and was not disappointed. ‘Course I also get that reading the NY Times about Pres. Bush and the War in Iraq. My wife and daughter, on the other hand, who like singing, dancing, costumes, and all that fluffy crap were less enthusiastic. But they don’t like reading the NY Times.

They liked ‘Cats’ which I found idiotic. No plot. No characters. Nothing but people with silly make-up.

A Chorus Line, ‘The Best Musical. Ever.’ is worth the $66 bucks, plus $10 service charge and $2.50 additional service charge, and $9.00 for a 1 liter bottle of tap water. Today $90 is the new $20. Eespecially if you have Euros, British Pounds, or Canadian Dollars.

A Chorus Line. The Best Musical. Ever. SERIOUSLY! NO KIDDING!

Want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

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Deed of Claim of Mining and Mineral Rights

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
All Other Oceanic Plastic

In the name of The Greenpeace Foundation, The Rocky Mountain Institute, The Environmental Defense Fund, The Algalita Marine Research Foundation, The Ocean Conservancy, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the Buddha, Lao Tsu, Confusious, The Lubbavitcher Rebbe, the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and Jerry Garcia, I Lawrence J. “XB Cold Fingers” Furman, philosopher, folk-singer, professional computer guru, blogger and all-around cool dude, hereby claim the mining, mineral, and recycling rights to the so-called “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” a heap of plastics, organic compounds, and other debris that is approximately 10 million square miles in area, 30 meters deep and mass is estimated to 3.5 tons, and is perhaps equivalent to 25 or more barrels of oil, and to all other plastic floating in the oceans, and sediments of this planet beyond national borders and beyond territorial waters.

The “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” also known as “The Gyre,” is located in the vicinity of the “Horse Latitudes,” between San Francisco, California, and Hawaii. Captain Charles Moore, skipper of the research vessel Alguita knows where it is.

In the spirit of capitalism, as described by Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, Alan Greenspan, and implemented by Andrew Carnegie, John David Rockefeller, T. Boone Pickens, and others, I deny any and all responsibility for cleaning up the mess. I know it’s there, but I didn’t put it there. The “external costs” are not my problem.


L J Furman
Lawrence J. Furman
December 9, 2007.

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