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State of the Union – Energy

In a statement that could only be asked by a lawyer, Bill Clinton once said “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

George Bush is more direct. He uses what Orwell described as Double-Speak, using terms to mean the opposite of what the words mean. So in his State of the Union Address, he said we need clean energy, they said we need more coal and nuclear power.

Coal is not clean. In the new version of ‘We Shall Not Be Moved,’ the folk-singer XB Cold Fingers says “Ain’t no such thing as ‘clean coal.’ ” If it’s in song it must be right. Well not really. But in this case – what they call ‘clean coal’ has been scrubbed of most of the sulphur and mercury. And if you’re going to burn coal, it should be burned clean. However there’s still boat-loads of carbon.

He said Nuclear power don’t have no emissions. What about radio-active wastes? What about all the greenhouse gases released during the nuclear fuel cycle?

And forget the impact on the environment, what about the risks of terrorism, the national security implications of nuclear power? If the killers of Sept 11 had flown those hijacked planes into Oyster Creek much of the Jersey Shore, and the Eastern Seaboard would be like Chernobyl – condemned, abandoned, and uninhabitable.

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State of the Union – Schools

Bush is low in the polls. The economy is in the toilet. So what does he do? Blame the lawyers and the teachers and threaten Congress. Gotta hand it to him. He has balls.

$800 BILLION for the war in Iraq. Nothing for medical care for American Children. And Bush calls himself a “Compassionate Conservative.” Wait, I’m sorry, that was just to get elected.

He’s faith based. Reality is so old-school.

And he wants to give inner-city kids the opportunity to go to religious schools. These kids know how to pray. They pray for food. They pray for shelter. They pray not to get killed in drive-bys. They pray for honest representatives who care. Democrats. They got prayer. They need books, classrooms.

And children usually go to the same house of worship as their parents. So where are these inner-city churches, synagogues, and mosques going to get the money for their schools? If their parents don’t have money for food, clothes, other stuff, how will they have money for schools and books? Wouldn’t we be better off just funding schools? Isn’t that what public schools are? Schools for children.

There are a lot of Moslem children in places like Jersey City, and Detroit. They will learn about America in their schools. If they go to religious schools, I suppose it’s possible that they’ll go to Catholic School, or Yeshiva, but it seems a bit more likely that they will go to Moslem schools. Now I know that American History, as tought in American Public Schools, glosses over a few things, like slavery, the wars against the Native Americans, least it did when I was a kid. But I think the public schools are a better place to learn about America than the radical mosques.

The Adminstration took away Pell Grants for 90,000 college students in 2004. Now he wants to create Pell Grants for elementary school children? What about Pell Grants for their parents?

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The Democrats

If in 2004, Howard Dean led the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, and today John Edwards leads the Adult Wing of the Party, then Kucinich leads the Hippie Wing of the party. Gore leads the Environmentalist and Zen Wing of the Party. Obama leads the Youthful and Exuberant Wing of the Party – the Party with the best parties. And what does that leave Hillary and Bill? The Angry Vengeful Bitter and Ruthless Wing.

I’m with Obama, and Edwards. What can I say, I’m an adult, but I dig hanging out with kids, and youthful and exuberant people.

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Apple Diversifies into BioMedical Electronics

Cupertino, CA. Apple, Inc. announced today that they are diversifying into biomedical electronics. By using silicone rather than silicon in certain components, they have developed a wireless personal music player that can be integrated into breast implants.

This is considered to be a major breakthrough as women have long complained about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them. This implant technology, to be marketed and sold as the “iBoob” (TM), will allow men to listen to woman’s breasts, in stereo.

The iBoob will cost $799 or $999 a pair depending on speaker size.

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If the Election was a Game of Clue

The candidates include:

Senator Hillary Clinton, a woman,
Governor Mitt Romney, a Morman,
Senator Barack Obama, an African-American,
Senator John Edwards, a Trial Lawyer,
Governor Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister,
Senator John McCain, an aging War Hero,
Mayor Rudy Giuliani, an Italian-American Former Mayor (who’s late father and uncle were “connected, you know what I mean?”),
And Senator Fred Thompson, the dead guy.

Strikingly, all the candidates are politicians, and most, if not all, are lawyers. Does this mean they can’t be trusted?

Obama, the African-American has the most intelligence and charisma. And judging from the voters the most “Street cred.”

Clinton, the woman, has the most powerful husband, a former President. None of the other candidates have a powerful husband, or, in fact, any sort of husband. Giuliani, the Former Mayor, did live with a guy who had a husband. However, since it doesn’t relate to 9-11, he doesn’t talk about it.

Edwards, the Trial Lawyer, who is worth millions, made his money prosecuting corporate malfeasance and medical malpractice. He has long opposed the war in Iraq. He has been trying to help the veterans and the people of New Orleans that the Federal Government is unwilling or unable to help. His health care plan would provide universal access to health care to all Americans. So it naturally and logically flows that he is derided as a “Socialist” by the news media.

About 30% of registered voters are independent of either party. The remaining 70% are split between the Democrats and the Republicans. Given that the independents tend to vote for Obama, and most of the Democrats are saying “I like Obama, Clinton, and Edwards, but I’ll vote for the Democrat, whoever he or she is.” it logically follows that if the Democrats were really smart they’d nominate Obama and persue the independents. Course the Democrats are not often really smart.

Still, it helps the Democrats that large blocs of Republicans really don’t like the Republican candidates for one reason or another.

The Fundamentalists don’t trust Romney, the Morman, Giuliani, the Former Mayor, or McCain, the War Hero. Romney is remembered for campaigning to the left of Ted Kennedy when he ran for Governor, so they don’t trust him for reasons having nothing to do with religion. He was Governor of Massachusetts, one of the Bluest of the Blue states, so they don’t trust him on that score either. But he’s also a Morman who they fear answers to the High Priest of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Guiliani is a divorced Catholic Eye-talian, from New York City, who has openly gay friends and who is currently married to a Jewish woman, a woman from the people everybody loves to hate. McCain is fundamentally honest, for a politician. (Don’t you love legalistic qualifiers?). The Fundamentalists never forgave McCain for running against George W Bush in 2000 and losing. They deeply resent the fact that had they not voted for Bush, then McCain would have been the Republican nominee, and with either McCain or Gore in the White House lo these past 8 years they world would be a better place. Rather than blame themselves and search their souls, hearts, and minds, they blame McCain.

The Super-Rich don’t like Huckabee, the Baptist Minister or McCain. Huckabee, however, is smarter than he looks. He’s got that Southern “I’m just a devout country boy” charm. But he’s as dumb as Bill Clinton. Unfortunately he’s not as smart as Bill Clinton. His tax plan – eliminate the Income tax and just tax stuff when it’s sold is regressive. It’s good for people with high income, really good for people who live off dividends and trust funds, and not good for people who buy stuff like clothes, food, cars, other goods, and services.

The voters don’t like the Giuliani the Former Mayor. They view him as a pompous ass, a bad judge of character, a demigog, who trusts you if you tell him how smart, brave and wonderful he is. He was on the streets of New York City on Sept 11, 12, and 13. However, that was because his office was destroyed on 911. He quit the 911 Commission to go “on tour” spinning about his role after 911 (but not mentioning why his office was destroyed – and it was destroyed because it was in the World Trade Center – and whose bright idea it was to put it there – a fellow named Rudy Giuliani, who bears a striking resemblance to Rudy Giuliani, the Candidate).

Most of the Jewish Republicans don’t like Giuliani. If Jewish Republicans know anything about race in America, it’s that other white people hate Jews more than they hate ‘Schwartzas’ and that black people mask their anger at white people into hatred of Jewish people. These Jewish Republicans – all 9 of them – are now saying that Giuliani lost Iowa and New Hampshire, not because he didn’t campaign, not because of his demonstrated bad judgment in Bernie Keric, not because he put New York City’s Emergency Response HQ in the World Trade Center, but because his wife is Jewish. These people disprove the stereotype that Jews are smart.

This “pundit” sees the Democrats running the Woman or the African American, and the GOP running the Morman, the Minister, or the War Hero, that is Clinton, Obama, Romney, Huckabee, or McCain, and the Independents swinging the election to the Democrat. It could be a Clinton or Obama as President and Obama or Edwards as Vice President. I don’t see Clinton taking the VP office. In her mind she’s “Been there done that” for the 8 years when her husband was President and that global warming maven was V. P.

This “pundit” also sees Nancy Pelosi or Barbara Boxer as the first or second woman President, but only after serving as Governor of California, so we’re looking at 2016 or 2020, or 2024.

It may boil down to this: who is better at motivating women – Bill Clinton or Oprah Winfrey.

So happy New Year. And next year it may be Happy Blue Year.

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Seasoned Greetings

Yappy Hew Near!

Nappy Yew Hear!

Happy New Year!

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