The Mind of McCain

If something happens to me, this little lady can take over. But I’m only 72. I’m tough and I’m strong. I was a P. O. W. for God’s sake. And Obama:Columbia, Harvard Law, taught Law School. Big deal. Sara went to college. Got a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Idaho. Was Mayor of her city – 9000 people, and Alaska’s Governor for almost 2 years. She supports Stevens and she fired that guy Manegan cause he wouldn’t fire her sister’s ex-husband. She’s loyal and she understands power. That’s all I ask. That’s what I need.

And hey, she’d look even better than Cindy as Miss Buffalo Chip!

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  1. Hey, I went to Rutgers. How come nobody asked me to run for vice-president? Guess I’ll have to think about joining the NRA.

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