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Single Prayer Health Care

Wasilla, Alaska, July 27, 2009. The Republicans have finally released their health care plan. Sarah Palin, Michael Steele, and Rush Limbaugh, joined by Bobby Jindal and the Blue Dog Democrats, have announced their plan: “The Single Prayer Plan.”

The good news is that the health care plan is free. All you need to do is pray that you don’t get sick, and pray that you don’t need medicine. The bad news is that it is not proven to be effective.

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Hunting Now Considered Feminine Behavior

Anchorage, Alaska. Dec. 25. Hunting Now Feminine Behavior for Conservative Republicans. It is well known that hunters want to kill to be in touch with their primitive side. They want to dominate beings and kill them in order to feel tough, masculine, heroic, and all that.

Of course, this begs the question of “How does shooting a defenseless living being at a distance of 100 yards or greater, or from a helicopter Sarah Palin Style, make one feel tough, masculine, heroic and all that?” This raises a second question. Given that Sarah Palin hunts, and given that Palin is a female and a de facto role model of femininity for conservative Republicans, then isn’t hunting now a
feminine behavior for conservative Republicans?

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New Jersey’s Gangster Rabbis

New Jersey’s Gangster Rabbis – Next to Jack Abramoff they look like Boy Scouts.

The Gangster Rabbis allegedly stole money. One allegedly offered to broker the sale of a kidney. And they allegedly bought and sold hack politicians like shmatas. Big deal. They don’t come close to Bernie Madoff, and he wears normal clothes. Eats lobster. Summers on the Hamptons. That is, he used to.

But Abramoff, he was one of the biggest, baddest Jew-hoods pretending to be a mensch. He’s like Arnold Rothstein – fixed the World Series, Meyer Lansky – hit his “friend” Bugsy. While Abramoff was only a low level hack in the organization, he helped steal THE COUNTRY, nu, they suborned the Department of Justice – the whole Executive Branch – and much of the Legislative Branch.

But the good news about Abramoff’s Gang is it seems to be those guys are as farklempt as they are meshugah. Sure they still dally with men and women to whom they are not married. Sure they have that shicksa from Alaska, who really only likes one Jew.

Ciao, Shalom, Peace,

Farklempt – pron. “far-klempt”, fucked up.
Meshugah – pron. “meh – shu – gah” crazy and stupid. Or stupid and crazy. Or Republican.
Nu – pron. “new” – in this context – well, nu, we discussed that yesterday.
Shiksa – pron “shick-sah”, non-Jewish woman.

Shmatas – pron “shmah-tahz” – rags, clothes, washed up hack politicians.

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Single-Payer Health Care

The Critics of a single-payer health care system, which would expand Medicare to cover everyone, claim to be against rationing health care. Their fear is that some nameless bureaucrats will tell me which doctors I can see, and tell my doctors what to do. In truth that is precisely what we have today. Insurance companies ration health care. Insurance company bureaucrats tell us which doctors we can see and tell our doctors what to do – if we have insurance.

If we don’t have insurance, and we’re really, really sick, we go to the emergency room. This is an inefficient use of emergency room resources. It is paid for by the people with insurance and the
taxpayers. However, unless you’re in a diabetic coma or have just had a heart attack or stroke, the ER is not designed to treat cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic illness.

Insurance industry run health care is motivated by the managers of insurance companies to maximize revenues and minimize expenditures. The Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and other conservatives would call this a “Market Failure.” Just as national security operations should not be defined and run by private contractors, health care should not be run by private industry.

Our government, in the words of President Lincoln, is “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” A government run health care system would be motivated by citizens demanding high quality health care for the people.

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Haiku of earth sea and sky

This a magic place
No Witch, Wizard, Genie, Jin,
Just Technology

Yet a dark side here
From burning the rocks and tar
Poisons gas and heat

Nunuck bear home floats
Bed of ice on open sea
Melts nanuck to die

North Pacific Gyre
Toxic plastic looks like food
Bags we use but once

Turtle sees plastic
Floats like jelly but not food
Turtle eats to die

Death food in the sea
Dumb animals eat plastic bags
Why it look like food

We burn coal and oil
Mercury hot gas carbon
We burn rocks for heat

We strive for more stuff
Nuclear is still claimed safe
Safe if you are dead

Chesapeake near death
Algae grow on chicken waste
Oxygen all gone

Baby Orca dies
Endocrine system failure
PCB’s in food

We kill for more stuff
Won’t never have enough
We must kill for stuff

Iceberg floats submerged
Waters dance from ice to sea
Deep, Cold, Wild and True

Still waters run deep
Tuna Burgers Water Song
Breathe feel ride the waves

Children of the west
To live sustain the garden
Must learn harmony

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