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Corzine v Christie

Gov. Jon Corzine supports families like mine and citizens like me, Bush’s former Prosecutor Chris Christie supports the Insurance Companies, which act like families like Don Vito Corleone’s. As President Obama, Vice President Biden, and former-President Clinton highlighted last week, those differences could not be more clear:

Corzine: Expanding Health Insurance
Jon Corzine expanded health coverage for over 100,000 more kids and signed legislation to require insurance companies to cover autism screenings.

Christie Sides With Insurers
Chris Christie would give insurance companies free rein to drop coverage for critical procedures like mammograms and autism screenings and would give them $100 million in tax breaks.

Corzine is Protecting Paid Family Leave
Jon Corzine is one of a handful of governors to pass paid family leave that lets people care for newborn babies or sick relatives while still getting paid.

Christie Isn’t Standing with NJ Families
Chris Christie opposes paid family leave, and would allow hospitals to discharge new mothers less than 24 hours after they’ve given birth.
Corzine Defends The Right To Choose
Jon Corzine strongly supports a woman’s right to choose.

Christie is Anti-Choice
Chris Christie supports a constitutional amendment to ban abortion.

Corzine Has Provided Historic Tax Relief
Jon Corzine has provided more property tax relief than any other Governor in New Jersey history.
Christie’s $2 Billion In New Taxes
Chris Christie said he would side with right wing governors and reject $5 billion in federal stimulus funds, including money for education, which would lead to a direct $2 billion increase in property taxes.

Corzine Supports Responsible Gun Laws
Jon Corzine fought for a one handgun per month law.
Christie Is Backed By The Gun Lobby
Chris Christie is backed by the gun lobby and even opposes banning guns that fire bullets to pierce a cop’s bulletproof vest.
Corzine Has Made Education A Priority
Although he cut state spending, Jon Corzine increased funding for New Jersey schools by $1.8 billion and expanded pre-K education.

Christie Thinks It’s “Babysitting”
Chris Christie calls early childhood education “babysitting” and his rejection of federal stimulus funds would have undercut the real progress we’ve made in educating our kids.

Corzine Stands With President Obama
Jon Corzine is endorsed by President Barack Obama, and is in step with our President’s vision for our country. Together, they will work to lead our state and our country out of this global recession.

Christie Stands With President Bush
Chris Christie would side with other right-wing governors to obstruct Barack Obama’s agenda and would have rejected federal stimulus funds, driving up our property taxes by over $2 billion.

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Corruption in Politics

There are corrupt politicians in both parties.

When a corrupt Democrat abuses power a lot of people benefit, and a few people Really benefit. When a corrupt Republican abuses power, A few people really benefit, and a select few REALLY REALLY benefit.

Consider Clinton and Bush. The worst thing Clinton did was he didn’t pass a single payer / Medicare law and create a universal health care system. The worst thing he is known for is “hooking up” with a young woman to whom he was not married. The worst things Bush did were destroy the economy, invade Iraq, mire us in Afghanistan, ram the Patriot Act thru Congress, ignore the FISA law on wiretaps, suspend habeus corpus, outsource the military to his friends, botch the emergency response to Katrina and Rita – those things are so much worse than an inappropriate relationship between consenting adults, even tho one had significant power over the other.

One difference is scale. Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky should have been a private matter; it should not be a public matter. It did not, or should not have effected policy. Every one of Bush’s failings is a policy failure that profoundly diminshed the strength, health and well-being of the United States and many citizens.

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