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US Presidents – regarding Israel



Who would be better for Israel and the United States? Bernie Sanders? Hillary Clinton? Martin O’Malley? Lincoln ChafeeJeb! Bush? Chris Christie? Marco Rubio? Ted Cruz? Rand Paul? Donald Trump?

This brief survey of statements and actions by various U.S. Presidents on Israel leads to the inexorable conclusion that Democrats are better for Israel than Republicans, therefore Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley or Lincoln Chafee would likely be better than any of the Republicans.    

Truman, D, recognized Israel. 
Eisenhower, R, refused to support Israel, UK, France in ’56, allowed CIA and British MI 5 (or MI 6) to topple 
Mossadegh in Iran, which resulted in Islamic Revolution against the Shah and created the modern Iranian theocracy.  
Kennedy, D, inspired Israel as he inspired the US and the world. And Israel inspired Kennedy. See above. 
Johnson, D, supported Israel in ’67. 
Nixon, R, did not support Israel in ’73.
Carter, D, brought Israel and Egypt to table, Begin & Sadat signed a historic accord. 
Reagan, R, laid a wreath for the Nazi SS at Bitburg and criticized Israel’s bombing of the Iraqi nuclear weapons reactor at Osirak. Initiated support for Osama bin Laden and Mujahideen in Afghanistan. Mujahideen transformed itself into Taliban. 
Bush, G. H. W., R, asked Israel for restraint in the face of Iraqi SCUD missile attacks during the first US War in the Gulf. 
Clinton, D, tried to bring Israel and Palestinians to the table. Arafat walked away. 
Bush, G.W., R, despite assertions of his “Love” for Israel, the invasion, occupation and destabilization of Iraq has strengthened Iran immeasurably. However, Pres. Bush may deserve credit for initiating “Operation Olympic Games.” 
Obama, D, may deserve credit for continuing “Operation Olympic Games.” With current negotiations w Iran may deserve credit for acting to stabilize the region.

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