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Trump: An Exaggeration not an Abberation

Joe Biden, at the American Constitution Society, ACS, on June 9, 2016, quoted Trump, “We’ll come back in November. Wouldn’t that be wild. if I’m president and I come back to do a civil case?” (Washington Post, here, Wall Street Journal, here, YouTube here).

The Vice President asked if there is any other way than to take this as a “direct threat” to the independence of the judiciary.

Biden said, “Either Trump doesn’t understand or he doesn’t care…. This behavior smacks of authoritarianism.”

Biden also said that Trump “is an exaggeration, not an aberration.” He described the failure of the Senate to hold hearing on Judge Garland, and 88 judicial vacancies on Federal Courts, some from as far back as January, 2015.

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Trump the Huchem: Facing another Bankruptcy?


Trump the “Huchem*” Facing another bankruptcy? Bookings in his hotels are down 60% (Investopedia, here) since he outed himself as a racist. The banks that hold the mortgages on those properties only care about cash flow and LTV.  Continue reading

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Disaster Recovery and Disaster Avoidance

  • Disaster Recovery is rebuilding your house after it burns down.
  • Disaster Avoidance is making sure your house doesn’t burn down in the first place.
  • Diaster Recovery is restoring data after a virus or other cyber security attack.
  • Disaster Avoidance is effective cyber security.


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NJ and California voters have spoken (in the Primary)

In the June 7 Primaries in New Jersey and California,

  • Hillary and Bernie combined got more than double the votes of Trump, Kasich and Cruz.
  • Hillary Clinton got over 50% more votes than Donald Trump,
  • Hillary Clinton got almost 20% more votes than all Republicans.
  • The only way Democrats lose the White House is by not voting in November.

The raw data* are below.

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NJ Primary – as of 10:00 PM, 6/7/16

Hillary kicking ass. and the ass she is kicking belongs to Donald Trump.

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Trump, Commander-In-Chief, War Criminal

Trump_2Trump has publicly called for members of the US Armed Forces to torture prisoners and kill family members and children. I feel; we all feel the fear, the hatred and the desire for revenge. It’s easy to understand the emotions.

But law enforcement, the defense community, and the Commander-in-Chief must conquer their feelings. Torture and killing family members are illegal war crimes.

Trump, as Commander in Chief, would give US soldiers – from Privates to Generals, Seamen to Admirals, the choice, “Follow orders – and face war crimes prosecutions, or disobey orders – and face Court Martial.”

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