Trump, Commander-In-Chief, War Criminal

Trump_2Trump has publicly called for members of the US Armed Forces to torture prisoners and kill family members and children. I feel; we all feel the fear, the hatred and the desire for revenge. It’s easy to understand the emotions.

But law enforcement, the defense community, and the Commander-in-Chief must conquer their feelings. Torture and killing family members are illegal war crimes.

Trump, as Commander in Chief, would give US soldiers – from Privates to Generals, Seamen to Admirals, the choice, “Follow orders – and face war crimes prosecutions, or disobey orders – and face Court Martial.”

ADAM LIPTAK, reported in the New York Times, June 3, 2016, Donald Trump Could Threaten U.S. Rule of Law,

“Donald J. Trump’s blustery attacks on the press, complaints about the judicial system and bold claims of presidential power collectively sketch out a constitutional worldview that shows contempt for the First Amendment, the separation of powers and the rule of law, legal experts across the political spectrum say….”

Laura Koran reported on CNN, April 13, 2016, in Kerry pushes back on Trump calls for torture,

“Secretary of State John Kerry reaffirmed the United States’ opposition to torture Wednesday in an apparent attempt to rebut recent comments by Republican presidential candidates.

“I want to remove even a scintilla of doubt or confusion that has been caused by statements that others have made in recent weeks and months,” said Kerry, without naming anyone. “The United States is opposed to the use of torture in any form, at any time, by any government or non-state actor.”

Last month, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump said he was in favor of torture because “we have to beat the savages,” adding that he would seek to “broaden” U.S. laws to allow torture, including waterboarding.”
Jonathan Easley, reported in The Hill, March 22, 2016, Trump calls for Muslim patrols, torture in wake of Brussels attacks,

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump echoed rival Ted Cruz on Tuesday in calling for patrols of Muslim neighborhoods in the U.S., and said the country must begin torturing terror suspects to get information out of them.
Speaking on CNN’s ‘The Situation Room’ with Wolf Blitzer, Trump, reiterated his call for a ban on Muslims entering the country, saying there’s ‘no choice’ after a terror attack Tuesday in Brussels that left dozens dead.”

This was also covered by Josh Feldman on Mediate, in Trump Calls Waterboarding minimal form of torture

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