Trump v The Monster

trump1 boyle-themonster
The Donald The Monster
 Very Good Brain  Abnormal Brain
Lots of Good Words. The Best Words. Yet inarticulate.  Very Few Words, but Active Listener
 Loves Fire.
Loves to Fire People, Loves to Fire People Up
Fear of Fire.
Doesn’t know his weaknesses and doesn’t care.  Doesn’t know his strength but tries to control it.
 Awkward. Doesn’t like to shake hands.  Awkward. Afraid his hands may fall off.
 Objectifies people. Especially Women & Girls.  Tries to treat people with compassion.
 Not to be trusted with young women or small children.  Can almost be trusted with young women and small children
 Can’t Dance. Won’t Learn.  Learned to Dance. Beautifully.
 Cares only about Money and Winning.  Doesn’t care about Money or Winning.
One Goal: To Rule! Overall Goal: To Live in Peace

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