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The Republicanista Garbage Must Stop

I am shocked and dismayed, but not surprised, by the actions of high ranking Republicans. Ken Blackwell, candidate for RNC Chair, urged people to oppose Obama’s reinvestment and stimulus plan. Not on it’s failing, but because, according to Blackwell, “it could create a major electoral advantage for Democrats” (click here). John Bohner, House Minority Leader, is toeing this line with his opposition to the Democrats’ proposed stimulus plan (click here). Republican Senator Arlen Specter opposes the confirmation of Eric Holder for Attorney General ostensibly because of the Rich pardon, but really because Holder acknowledges that waterboarding is torture, and Holder opposes torture, and could hold Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld Rice, and Rove to account (click here).

Two Million people attended President Obama’s Inauguration in Washington. An estimated 38 million televisions and 8 million computers were tuned to the event, which probably means 100 million watched the Inauguration in living rooms, classrooms, conference rooms, offices etc. across the country. Regardless of the number of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who watched or were there to wish Obama and America success; opposing the President because his success will mean your failure at the polls, opposing his nominees because they oppose torture; these are what I would expect of Stalinists and Sandanista, not Americans. This “Republican-ista” garbage must stop!

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