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A Place for Caribou Barbie in the Obama Administration

I think Obama should create a position for Sarah ‘Caribou Barbie’ Palin in his Administration. She may not be good on energy policy, or foreign policy, and she can’t tell a professor from a terrorist (altho when you think about it, with their emphasis on reading books and thinking, intellectuals really are subversive). She doesn’t read newspapers, and she doesn’t know of any Supreme Court decisions she would change … but she is good at shopping, and spending Republican campaign funds. And in doing so she does us proud (and helps the Democrats). In her own inimitable way she helped elect Barack. So I think Obama should appoint her “Shopper-in-chief” authorized to spend RNC money on clothes, shoes, snowmobiles, make-up. Whatever. In addition to spending RNC money in ways that help Democrats, if she continues to spend $150,000 per month she will do more than any one person, with the possible exception of Paris Hilton, to jump-start the economy.

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