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Governor Christie – An Apology

Governor Christie wants an apology from the press. (Politicker and Vice). As a citizen of New Jersey, a blogger, and a card carrying member of the newspaper guild, I would like to apologize for Governor Christie.

Photo, Gage Skidmore

Photo, Gage Skidmore

I am sorry that the Governor of New Jersey settled New Jersey’s $9.0 Billion damages suit against Exxon Mobil for $225 Million, pennies on the dollar, 2.5 ¢ on the dollar (NY Times, here) but I’m glad NJ General Assembly Judiciary Chairman John McKeon is fighting the settlement (NJ Journal, here).

I am sorry that the Governor of New Jersey, who in 2011, before Superstorm Sandy said, “climate change is real…. human activity plays a role” and that climate change is “impacting our state” (Star Ledger, here) has, since Sandy refused to acknowledge any role climate change may have played in Hurricane Sandy, calling it “a scientific discussion and debate that I’m simply not engaged in” (Star Ledger, here).

I am sorry that the Governor of New Jersey is an arrogant bully and an obnoxious thug who’s only decisions while governor seem to be which contracts to reward to which cronies (“Politics, Policy & Jersey“) and which non-allies to punish.

Governor Christie may or not have directly ordered the closing of the George Washington Bridge, aka “Bridgegate,” as an act of retribution against a political non-ally. However, whether he ordered it or not, and whenever he knew about it, he clearly created the cultural milieu in which such an action was desired. As such, he has demonstrated a lack of fitness for office and an incapacity to govern.

Most of all, I’m sorry the voters of New Jersey elected Christie in 2009 and re-elected him in 2013.

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Corzine v Christie

Gov. Jon Corzine supports families like mine and citizens like me, Bush’s former Prosecutor Chris Christie supports the Insurance Companies, which act like families like Don Vito Corleone’s. As President Obama, Vice President Biden, and former-President Clinton highlighted last week, those differences could not be more clear:

Corzine: Expanding Health Insurance
Jon Corzine expanded health coverage for over 100,000 more kids and signed legislation to require insurance companies to cover autism screenings.

Christie Sides With Insurers
Chris Christie would give insurance companies free rein to drop coverage for critical procedures like mammograms and autism screenings and would give them $100 million in tax breaks.

Corzine is Protecting Paid Family Leave
Jon Corzine is one of a handful of governors to pass paid family leave that lets people care for newborn babies or sick relatives while still getting paid.

Christie Isn’t Standing with NJ Families
Chris Christie opposes paid family leave, and would allow hospitals to discharge new mothers less than 24 hours after they’ve given birth.
Corzine Defends The Right To Choose
Jon Corzine strongly supports a woman’s right to choose.

Christie is Anti-Choice
Chris Christie supports a constitutional amendment to ban abortion.

Corzine Has Provided Historic Tax Relief
Jon Corzine has provided more property tax relief than any other Governor in New Jersey history.
Christie’s $2 Billion In New Taxes
Chris Christie said he would side with right wing governors and reject $5 billion in federal stimulus funds, including money for education, which would lead to a direct $2 billion increase in property taxes.

Corzine Supports Responsible Gun Laws
Jon Corzine fought for a one handgun per month law.
Christie Is Backed By The Gun Lobby
Chris Christie is backed by the gun lobby and even opposes banning guns that fire bullets to pierce a cop’s bulletproof vest.
Corzine Has Made Education A Priority
Although he cut state spending, Jon Corzine increased funding for New Jersey schools by $1.8 billion and expanded pre-K education.

Christie Thinks It’s “Babysitting”
Chris Christie calls early childhood education “babysitting” and his rejection of federal stimulus funds would have undercut the real progress we’ve made in educating our kids.

Corzine Stands With President Obama
Jon Corzine is endorsed by President Barack Obama, and is in step with our President’s vision for our country. Together, they will work to lead our state and our country out of this global recession.

Christie Stands With President Bush
Chris Christie would side with other right-wing governors to obstruct Barack Obama’s agenda and would have rejected federal stimulus funds, driving up our property taxes by over $2 billion.

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