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Native American Indians and Native Born Americans Whos Parents are From India

But here’s an important question. Do native born and naturalized US citizens who’s parents are from India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka, etc. consider themselves American Indians? My parents – and my wife – were not born here. Yet, I’m an American. My kids are American. If my parents were Indian, Bengali, Pakistani, or from some other part of the sub-continent, I’d be an American Indian. As it is I’m a native American.

Even tho President Obama is an African American, prejudice and race remain problems. Colin Powell rose thru the ranks to very high positions. Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas prove that even incompetence is color blind (as long as it’s politically expedient). America is changing. Mixed race couples don’t raise an eyebrow. Same gender couples don’t raise an eyebrow here, while in Baghdad and Gaza fathers are expected to kill their homosexual children, to preserve honor.

We’re all the same under the skin. Compatible blood types, identical neurotransmitters, complimentary DNA. Every human from every culture recognizes smiles, joy, and tears. Those who don’t hug, deep down, wish they could.

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