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Romney, Hitler, & Energy

“Gosh, Hitler, during the second world war, I guess, because he was concerned about losing his oil, liquefied coal—that technology’s still there. Why don’t we develop those sources? I think government has a role to do that, by the way.”

– Mitt Romney, in a video posted May 15, 2012, on Buzzfeed. See also Brian Merchant’s post on Treehugger,

Well . . .

As Brian said, 

Obviously, Romney isn’t pro-Hitler. But what right-minded politician seeking office in the 21st century ever considers it a good idea to let fly a statement endorsing Hitler’s ideas? It’s f@$&ing Hitler!

There is simply no other politician I can think of that would ever dream of voluntarily and publicly casting Hitler’s ideas in a positive light, apropos of nothing. ‘Well, nation, Hitler had some good ideas’ is perhaps the single least effective rhetorical framing device in the world.
Actually, there may be two: David Duke, a perennial GOP Presidential candidate – expelled from Germany in November, 2011 (Question More / wikipedia). And Pat Buchanan, the “Pundit” who used to talk about the American auto industry and drive himself around in his Mercedes? He also also lost a GOP Presidential primary run in the 1980’s and went on to become one of President Reagan’s advisers.
Duke was a Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan. His slogan could have been “All the way with the KKK,” altho he would have needed a Madison Ave “Creative” to come up with it and even the ones that are not Jews think like Jews. Buchanan persuaded Reagan that “We must mourn the Nazi SS victims of World War II.” Those guys are Nazis. 
Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is probably not a Nazi. After all, some of Romney’s best friends are Jews: men like Shelly Adelson and Bibi Neranyahu, and the boys from Wall Street. These are real humanitarians, the best friends money can buy. Unlike, say, Todd Akin or Sarah Palin, Romney probably doesn’t even believe Jews have horns.

And remember: Romney’s a Morman. The members of The Church of the Latter Day Saints love Jews. LOVE JEWS – especially the light-skinned ones. They Baptize Jews after they die – at least the light skinned ones. It’s wonderful, in a creepy sort of way. But it’s kind of nice; they’re saying “We like you, we want you with us in heaven.” That’s better than offering Jews Mel Ginson’s choice:  “Baptism or Hell.” Or Torquemada’s choice: “Baptism or die,” or the choice favored by Romney’s dead energy maven, Hitler: “die or die.”

But in his defense, Romney is only suggesting we adopt one of Hitler’s bad ideas, and one on energy policy, “Burn Baby Burn,” not his domestic policy, “Burn Baby Jews.” And it makes sense that the Repulican’ts would look to the Nazis for energy policy. German-American Republicans in the 1930’s like Lindbergh were Nazis. German-American Republican’ts today, like Karl Rove, Donald Trump, and Newt Gingrich use Nazi propaganda tactics when talking about their opponents (Newt Gingrich: Language A Key Mechanism of Control). Goebbels would be proud.

But bad politics aside, Coal Liquification is also bad policy. We should be moving off fossil fuels. Pioneered in Nazi Germany because we cut off their oil supply, and further developed in Apartheid South Africa because of the embargo on that regime, coal liquification is simply a technology that furthers “Burn, Baby, Burn.” Pursuing it will lead to “Rise, Oceans, Rise,” “Swim, Baby, Swim,” and “Drown, Baby, Drown.”
And  quoting Hitler on the campaign trail, illegal in Germany, is like telling senior citizens about the beauty of turning Medicare into a voucher program – it’s “Stupid, Baby, Stupid.”

– originally posted here, on Cultural Forensics

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Obama and Palin – the Best of Both Worlds

Obama and Palin – the Best of Both Worlds

Washington, DC, April 1, 2011. The White House announced that President Barack Obama has appointed former Governor Sarah Palin as “Liaison to the Conservative Community.” The White House also appointed professor and “former” radical Bill Ayers “Liaison to Socialists, Progressives, and Other Kooks.”

Bill McKibben was briefly considered for the job of “Sustainability Tzar” however Tim Geithner, Larry Sommers, Steven Chu and Ken Salazar persuaded the President that “we don’t need a Sustainability Tzar, we need more growth of GDP and unregulated derivatives, and more consumption of fossil fuels coupled with Rube-Goldbergian carbon sequestration technologies, to be invented soon, and nuclear fusion, which is only 50 years away, maybe less.”

Quoting Alan Greenspan, they said, “with a syncopatedly integrated interperiodic boom-bust bubble-pop series of macroeconomic cyclical events we will sustain high employment with simultaneous episodic high unemployment, causing elevated productivity and de-elevated wages, giving many people almost enough purchasing power to buy most of the necessities they need to live productively, work their entire lives, creating terrific debt, and give their children all the education they will need, unless they get sick.” Obama took two aspirin and sent them away, calling for Palin and George W. Bush, saying, “bring me some real Amaricans I can understand.”

Ayers could not be reached for comment. However, we were able to locate him using radio signals from his cell-phone. He is on a hunting trip with Mike Huckabee and Dick Cheney, and is expected to resurface re-educated and working with the Tea Party Movement.

Palin, however, said, “I’m a former ‘Weather Girl,’ so I can work with a ‘Weather Man.’ However, I’m not sure I can take the job because ‘liaison’ is a French word and I make more money egging on, I mean ‘speaking to’ the Tea Party activists.”

Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, on Fox News and other conservative oriented comedy broadcasting called it “a trick,” missing the point that it was “a joke.”

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Energy: Where do we go from here?

Energy: What do we do next? Where do we go from here? Solar? Wind? Nuclear? Coal? Oil? Negawatts?

Burning coal and oil create greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Nuclear power produces radioactive waste and a prodigious amount of heat pollution. Nuclear and fossil fuels require mines, mills or wells, and they are really bad for the environment, causing everything from pollution to global warming.

Negawatts makes sense. Hybrid cars get great gas mileage and offer a smooth, quiet, comfort. Every barrel of oil we don’t burn is better for our economy. Every barrel of oil we don’t buy from Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Venezuela is $80 or $90 or $100 that doesn’t go into the hands of people like Achmadinejad, Bandar, or Chavez. That’s good for us and bad for the terrorists.

Solar and Wind are not perfect. People complain that they don’t look pretty. But they create jobs not pollution. They help our national security infrastructure. And they look fine to me. I’d rather see solar panels on my roof and wind turbines on my horizon then global warming and my money going to thugs like Achmadinejad.

Where do we go from here? Clean Energy or Dirty Energy?

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