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Mitt & W: Side by Side

Round 1 – Papa.
Mitt – His father, George Romney ran AMC, then ran for President & lost.
W – His father George H. W. Bush ran the CIA, then ran for President & won.
Round 1 goes to W

Round 2 – early adult life.
Mitt – spent a few years in his 20’s in France prosetizying for the LDS.
W – spent a few years blowing coke then turned away from present day sinners
Round 2 goes to Mitt
Wait – didn’t Mitt strap his dog to the roof of his car for a trip from Boston to Montreal or Toronto or somewhere in Canada? Didn’t the dog subsequently run away?
Round 2 – Mitt disqualified, loses half-a-point

Round 3 – Graduate School
Mitt – Harvard MBA & Harvard Law
W – Harvard MBA
Round 3 goes to Mitt
Score after 3 rounds: Mitt 0.5, W 1.0

Round 4 – Professional Experience

Mitt – Bain Capital made a fortune downsizing failing businesses
W – Oil company and Texas Rangers – Made a fortune in failing businesses
Round 4 – a tie.
Score after 4 rounds: Mitt 1.5: W: 2.0

Final Round – Electability
Mitt – except for his lovely wife, people don’t like him. Seems unlikely to be elected President
W – able to git enough people to vote fer him that, despite losing popular vote by 543,895 votes (50,999,897 to 50,456,002) won that crucial vote in the Supreme Court.
Round 5 we don’t know the answer, we hope Round 5 goes to the American People

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