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Principles of Leadership

  1. Focus, Hard Work, and Discipline win games, marathons, and wars. If it needs to be done, do it urgently, and do it well. If it doesn’t need to be done, don’t do it at all. If it needs to be done, and you can’t do it; find someone who can.
  2. Keep Things Simple. Rube Goldberg’s designs could work – but were not meant to be implemented. Write clearly.Write clearly, with brevity and precision. Dickens was paid by the word. If you’re not, then be brief.
  3. The Journey Is An Adventure. However, it is not the only adventure. Beach Time Is Important.
  4. Smile When You’re Talking, Think Before You Speak, and Listen.
  5. A good hand in a storm is irreplaceable, even when the sun is shining. Credentials show education. Experience shows knowledge, judgment, and the ability to work.
  6. Challenge Talent, Reward Performance, Stimulate Creativity, and Accept Mistakes. Learn from mistakes, and move on. Punishing mistakes stifles performance and pushes talented creative performers out the door.
  7. Negotiate in good faith. Or don’t negotiate at all. Poker is winner-take-all. Business is better played win-win.
  8. The Ends don’t justify the means. And the means don’t justify the ends. The President of the United States must obey the law.
  9. Loyalty is a two-way street. Respect must be earned. People who kiss up and piss down are worthy of neither.
  10. Assholes are full of shit. Shit flows downhill. If you work for an asshole . . .

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