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“I Hope He Fails” Revisited

A friend of mine, John, a lawyer, a professional who is trained to see at both sides of every situation, and who is trained to see in shades of grey, not black and white, told me a story of an insurance agent who recently sold him life insurance. After the deal was closed, the contracts were signed, the insurance agent, let’s call him “Bill,” turned to his new client and said “You know, I hope he fails.”

Bill repeated his statement, the statement made famous by Rush Limbaugh, and repeated by right wingers across the country. “I hope Obama fails.”

John was raised to love this country. His parents and grandparents came here from Italy in the 1920s and ’30’s. Times were bad here, and they were worse in Italy back then. John’s parents worked hard, and he worked hard – and still works hard. He is a political independent – votes for the best candidate he can find in every election. And votes in every election. This past election he saw things about Obama that he liked, and saw things about McCain that he liked.

His reply to “I hope he fails” was “don’t you have money vested in the economy? Do you hope things get worse?” Bill said “well, I’ll be ok. I just want him to fail.”

John told me that Bill wasn’t listening to anything he had to say. John told me “the President is like the Captain of the a ship. Bill was saying ‘you hope the ship sinks.’ I told him that I would torn up the contracts and thrown him out of my house. Saying “I hope he fails” is saying “I hope the people who are out of work stay out of work. The people who don’t have medical insurance – and who have no access to medical care – can’t insurance or access to medical care.” The Constitution and the Bill of Rights may consider idiotic and seditious talk protected speech, but I have the right to assemble – and not assemble. I don’t have to tolerate an idiot in my house. I don’t have to support a right wing revolutionary by buying stuff from him

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