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North Korea Missile a Success

The North Korean missile test was a success. The New York Times, (click here) noting that the missile self-destructed and fell into the ocean, and therefore the missile failed

  • to achieve orbit,
  • to demonstrate an offensive missile capability, or
  • to show North Korea to be a “fearsome adversary able to hurl deadly weapons halfway around the globe.”

These “journalists” call North Korea’s non-intercontinental ballistic missiles (n-ICBM) a failure. This “blogger” considers the North Korean n-ICBM demonstration to be a success. N. Korea joined the United States, China, Japan, the other industrialed nations in attacking the oceans. “We too can threaten the environment.” Kim Jong-il might have said. However, it is not clear that Kim Jong-il knows the missile did not achieve orbit.

Mother Earth could not be reached for comment.

Donald Rumsfeld, observed “these are the kinds of weapons that Saddam might have had, had he had them, and had we been able to find them. But there are things you know, things you don’t know, and things you don’t know that you don’t know. There are things you can find, things you can’t find, things you can’t find because they exist but are hidden, things you can’t find because they don’t exist except in your mind.

Sarah Palin said “up here in Alaska we’re on the lookout for North Koreans. North Korea is near Russia, and I can see Russia from my house, you know, yep, you betcha.”

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