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Implications of Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show (here) and Roger Cohen in the New York Times (here) discussed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 3, 2015 speech to the US Congress (Youtube, here).

Jon Stewart, spoke about the “Festival of Slights,” and said, “No one can speak for all Jews … we like to argue.”

He also played clips of Netanyahu’s speeches to Congress.

Netanyahu in 2015, “Iran’s break-out time would be very short… about one year.”

In 1996, “The most dangerous of these regimes is Iran… If this regime or its despotic neighbor Iraq were to acquire nuclear weapons this could presage catastrophic consequences. Time is running out. We have to act.”

In 2002, “If you take out Saddam, Saddam’s regime, [you] could very well create an implosion in a neighboring regime like Iran.”

Cohen wrote (here),

Netanyahu … portrays a rampaging Islamic Republic that “now dominates four Arab capitals, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sana,” a nation “gobbling” other countries on a “march of conquest, subjugation and terror.” Then, in the same speech, he describes Iran as “a very vulnerable regime” on the brink of folding.

Well, which is it?

… where is the leverage to secure that “much better deal”?

[Netanyahu] dances over the fact that military action — the solution implicit in Netanyahu’s demands for Iranian nuclear capitulation — would likely set back the Iranian program by a couple of years at most, while guaranteeing that Iran races for a bomb in the aftermath.

What better assures Israel’s security, a decade of strict limitation and inspection of Iran’s nuclear program that prevents it making a bomb, or a war that delays the program a couple of years, locks in the most radical factions in Tehran, and intensifies Middle Eastern violence?

No wonder Representative Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Party’s House Leader, saw Netanyahu’s speech to Congress as an “insult to the intelligence of the United States.”

In commenting on the speech, here, Mier Dagan, former head of Israel’s Mossad, was skeptical that Iran could produce nuclear weapons in less than a year. That remark, Dagan said, was “bullshit.” Dagan called Netanyahu’s address “a political speech that caused diplomatic and defense damage to Israel.”

Isaac Herzog, Netanyahu’s opponent in the Israeli elections, said,

“The painful truth is that after the applause, Netanyahu was left alone. Israel was left isolated. And the negotiations with Iran will continue without any Israeli involvement. This speech badly damaged U.S.-Israel relations. It won’t change the administration’s stance but will only widen the rift with our greatest friend and strategic ally.”

Meanwhile this fellow stood outside Congress asking a very simple question:

American Protesting Israeli PM Netanyahu at US Congress, March, 2015. He stands with a sign asking members of Congress if they are loyal to the US or Israel.

American Protesting at US Congress, March, 2015

Netanyahu appeared to have openly supported Mitt Romney in the Presidential election of 2012 (ABC News/CS Monitor/Guardian). Had Mr. Romeny won the Presidency, whether or not he would have changed US policy toward Israel and the Middle East, there might have been the perception that the US was an agent of Israel.  The Republicans in Congress seem to have forgotten Washington’s and Jefferson’s policies about entangling alliances.

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Mitt & W: Side by Side

Round 1 – Papa.
Mitt – His father, George Romney ran AMC, then ran for President & lost.
W – His father George H. W. Bush ran the CIA, then ran for President & won.
Round 1 goes to W

Round 2 – early adult life.
Mitt – spent a few years in his 20’s in France prosetizying for the LDS.
W – spent a few years blowing coke then turned away from present day sinners
Round 2 goes to Mitt
Wait – didn’t Mitt strap his dog to the roof of his car for a trip from Boston to Montreal or Toronto or somewhere in Canada? Didn’t the dog subsequently run away?
Round 2 – Mitt disqualified, loses half-a-point

Round 3 – Graduate School
Mitt – Harvard MBA & Harvard Law
W – Harvard MBA
Round 3 goes to Mitt
Score after 3 rounds: Mitt 0.5, W 1.0

Round 4 – Professional Experience

Mitt – Bain Capital made a fortune downsizing failing businesses
W – Oil company and Texas Rangers – Made a fortune in failing businesses
Round 4 – a tie.
Score after 4 rounds: Mitt 1.5: W: 2.0

Final Round – Electability
Mitt – except for his lovely wife, people don’t like him. Seems unlikely to be elected President
W – able to git enough people to vote fer him that, despite losing popular vote by 543,895 votes (50,999,897 to 50,456,002) won that crucial vote in the Supreme Court.
Round 5 we don’t know the answer, we hope Round 5 goes to the American People

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Not Registered To Vote

Click Here . It’s not just Obama v Romney: It’s between Hope and Nope!

Just as 2008 – Obama – Biden v McCain Palin was Hope v Dope!

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Bin Laden. 2 Bullets. No Photos.

By XB Cold Fingers.

New York, May 5, 2011. President Obama decided that the U. S. will not release photos of bin Laden. “However,” the President said, “we will release the Death Certificate, and the Long Form Death Certificate.”

Donald Trump could not be reached for comment.

“We’ll get the photos,” said Julian Assange, of Wikileaks, “even if we need to use ‘Photoshop.'”

“Conspiracy theorists,” Assange continued, “are free to use ‘Photoshop’ to create their own photos. Other conspiracy theorists are free to use audio and video editing systems to create fake recorded messages from Osama ‘proving’ that bin Laden is still alive. Wilileaks will pay for any legitimate looking ‘proof.’ “

The Pakistan government has joined Wikileaks and is preparing a Request for Proposal for the best “proof” that the May 1, 2011 commando raid by US Navy Seals was either:

A) In Afganistan, 35 miles from Kabul, not in Pakistan, 35 miles from Islamabad and down the road from the Pakistani military academy,
B) Carried out by Pakistani authorities against Indian terrorists living in Pakistan,
C) Carried out by Israeli agents against Hamas and in Gaza,
D) Carried out by Hamas and Hezbollah against Zionists living in Pakistan,
E) Carried out by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society against Japanese whalers, or
F) All of the above.

Budget conscious Representative Paul Ryan complained about the cost of the mission. “Bin Laden,” he said, “was shot twice. Did we need to use two rounds? Wasn’t that twice the ammunition needed? Wasn’t that a 50% waste of resources? And we lost a helicopter. Does the President know how much those cost? Why wasn’t this job outsourced to the lowest bidder in China or India?”

Speaking from the campaign trail, the cost-conscious isolationist libertarian doctor Representative Ron Paul said “Eight years ago Pres. Bush said ‘Mission Accomplished.’ What did Obama hope to prove?”

Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann, who hopes to be the first Republican Cougar running for President, echoed Rep. Paul, adding “In 2005 Pres. Bush shuttered the CIA’s hunt for Bin Laden and shifted efforts to Iraq, and he got Saddam. What does Obama hope to accomplish?”

Sarah Palin, the community organizer who quit her job as Governor of Alaska to focus on her “work” as a microblogger on Twitter and Facebook, said “How’s that hopey changey thing working out for you?”

Charles Koch, the billionaire who ‘secretly’ funds the Tea Party, and foots much of the bill for Palin’s $1.0 million a year in appearance fees and wardrobe upgrades said “Obama had to say ‘Yea’ or ‘Nay.’ What did he actually do?”

In their statemens Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann, and Sarah Palin made reference to the observation that Obama presents America and the world with an optimistic agenda, one of hope. And Koch, while his radical political agenda is at odds with that of the President, did credit Obama with the decision to send the Navy Seals on this mission.

Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talel, a major stockholder of News Corp, the parent of Fox News, the Wall St. Journal, and the New York Post commented privately, saying “Osama bin Laden may have made some mistakes, he may have been was a wayward son of the kingdom, but he was a subject of the House of Saud who was brutally murdered by the Americans. The King will not forget this slight.”

Pakistan’s former President Pervez Musharraf, who resigned his position in 2008 after allegations of corruption, and who, as a young man, studied in the military academy in Abbottabad a few blocks from bin Laden’s palatial hideout said “Pakistani intelligence was either duplicitous or incompetent, probably incompetent.” Musharraf should know – he was President of Pakistan when bin Laden moved in to the Abbattabad hideout.

Former President George W. Bush, speaking to Former Defense Secretary Donald “The Other Donald” Rumsfeld, Former Vice President Dick Cheney, Former National Security Advisor Condaleeza Rice, and former advisor Karl Rove said “I told you we should have gotten him. But you didn’t listen to me. And I was ‘the Decider.’ ” Rice said “you decided to agree with what we told you, that the Mission was Accomplished.” Rove said “I was your brains, remember?” Rumsfeld said “the outcome has proven to be one of those things that was known to be unknowable.” Cheney, in an undisclosed location, could not be reached for comment. He is believed to be looking for a lawyer to shoot.

* Copyright (c) 2011, XB ColdFingers. This is a work of satire. The only facts known to the author are:
A) On May 1, 2011, Osama bin Laden was killed, shot twice by American Navy Seals on a covert capture or kill mission.
B) The  mission was authorized by President Obama.
C) A helicopter was lost in the mission.
D) In 2005, the CIA turned its attention away from bin Laden.‬
E) The bit on Musharraf, while funny, is not an exaggeration.
F) The bit on Koch, while not funny, is not an exaggeration.

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“I Hope He Fails” Revisited

A friend of mine, John, a lawyer, a professional who is trained to see at both sides of every situation, and who is trained to see in shades of grey, not black and white, told me a story of an insurance agent who recently sold him life insurance. After the deal was closed, the contracts were signed, the insurance agent, let’s call him “Bill,” turned to his new client and said “You know, I hope he fails.”

Bill repeated his statement, the statement made famous by Rush Limbaugh, and repeated by right wingers across the country. “I hope Obama fails.”

John was raised to love this country. His parents and grandparents came here from Italy in the 1920s and ’30’s. Times were bad here, and they were worse in Italy back then. John’s parents worked hard, and he worked hard – and still works hard. He is a political independent – votes for the best candidate he can find in every election. And votes in every election. This past election he saw things about Obama that he liked, and saw things about McCain that he liked.

His reply to “I hope he fails” was “don’t you have money vested in the economy? Do you hope things get worse?” Bill said “well, I’ll be ok. I just want him to fail.”

John told me that Bill wasn’t listening to anything he had to say. John told me “the President is like the Captain of the a ship. Bill was saying ‘you hope the ship sinks.’ I told him that I would torn up the contracts and thrown him out of my house. Saying “I hope he fails” is saying “I hope the people who are out of work stay out of work. The people who don’t have medical insurance – and who have no access to medical care – can’t insurance or access to medical care.” The Constitution and the Bill of Rights may consider idiotic and seditious talk protected speech, but I have the right to assemble – and not assemble. I don’t have to tolerate an idiot in my house. I don’t have to support a right wing revolutionary by buying stuff from him

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McCain Thanks the Clintons

I traveled to an alternate universe, and heard candidate John McCain thank former President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton for their ‘left handed’ endorsement of his candidacy. At a campaign fundraiser for ‘Liberals who don’t trust Clinton‘ McCain said:

“We wish to thank former President Bill Clinton, and Senator Hillary Clinton, for their support, however, we wish to point out that we are the only candidate really capable of being Commander-in-Chief. We feel that WE are the man for the job.

“Obama may be young, bright, and eloquent, and he may really understand the problems of today and the solutions that will position us in the future, but since he is about half our age, and he talks in the first person, not the third person, and most important since this is our last chance for the Presidency, we feel that Obama is not the man for the job.

“While she is closer to us in age, and less comfortable in front of crowds, and need I say it, female, we also feel that Hillary Clinton isn’t the man for the job.

“And as for the difference between Sunnis and Shiites, who cares? We can’t tell the difference. It’s like the difference between the North Vietnamese and South Vietnamese, or the Vietnamese, the Chinese, the Koreans, and the Japs. They claim there’s a difference, they may be able to tell the difference, but who really cares?”

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