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Cognitive Abilities Impaired by Wealth

Gina Rinehart
The Anna Maria Blog reported here

[Australian] Mining magnate Gina Rinehart intends to bring in semi-skilled migrants to work in her mines. She doesn’t want Australian workers because our wages are too high so she’s had a brilliant idea – bring in desperate people from other nations willing and overjoyed at the opportunity to work for half the Australian wage. She’s trying to convince anyone who will listen that it’s got nothing to do with profit, she’s not being unpatriotic, she is simply suffering from an acute labour shortage.
The Anna Maria Blog reported in the same post that there are 10’s of thousands of Australians who would want the jobs Rinehart wants to fill, but they would want them at union scale.

Rinehart has been publicly advocating that Australians should work for no more than $2 per day, given the rates at which Africans and Asians work. Does she include herself in that? If she was to start working for $2 per day? As she is said to makes $600 per second, 51.840 Million per day, what would she do with the $51,839,998 excess?

Mark Memmott, showing that he can cover arcane neuroscience as well as hard news at the NPR “Two-Way” blog, has reported that Rinehart, reported to be accumulating money at a rate of $600/second, appears to be having trouble with self-awareness, cognition, and empathy. Some memory loss may be indicated. These symptoms of cognitive deficits are most marked in a video which Rinehart produced herself, posted on the website of the Australian Mining Club (one suspects that the A.M.C.’s wine cellars are at exactly the right depth), in which she argues that great fortune is the product of merit. The BBC, which reported the $600 per second figure, also reported that she acquired her wealth via inheritance. It may be that her merit consists of having persuaded the legator of her merit in leaving her or his fortune to her, or that merit may have been self-evident.

Forbes currently lists Rinehart as the world’s 29th-richest person, with a net monetary worth* of $18 billion, and the wealthiest woman from the Asia/Pacific region. She could be headed toward becoming the world’s richest person, the magazine speculated last year.

If Australia is, as Rinehart claims, to expensive for business ( Anna Maria Blog / Herald Sun / LA Times ) maybe she should move her operations, and herself, to China or Africa. If she did so would doubtless make Belgium’s King Leopold look like a prince, or Mother Theresa.

Still, I have a few questions I’d like answered:  Do Rinehart’s mining interests include the mining of lead or mercury? Does she eat the lead? Mainline the mercury? Perhaps she eats whale?

It has also been suggested that lower income class warriors want to “Eat the Rich.” If that is the case, Rinehart could feed a lot of them.

It’s sad that such an obviously superior woman should be experiencing so much stress as the result of her wealth or the rate of accumulation of same. Perhaps Australian health authorities should temporarily place her funds in the hands of a custodian while she returns to her senses or regains her humanity or her sense of affiliation with same.

Perhaps Rinehart should spend some time with Paris Hilton. While Hilton’s net monetary worth is estimated at only $100 Million, as opposed to Rinehart’s $18 Billion, but from an existential perspective there doesn’t seem to be an qualitiave difference between $18 Billion of net monetary worth and $100 Million of net monetary worth – both are greater than an individual can ever reasonably expect to spend. And I suspect that Hilton has more fun and may have a more profound sense of herself as a person.

Note that I use the term “Net Monetary Worth” rather than “Net Worth.” This is deliberate and an attempt to distinguish between a person’s intrinsic or existential worth from the value of assets or resources at their disposal.

Paris Hilton, in a bright yellow silk or satin blouse.

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Occupy Wall Stret

Q  What did the lawyer say to the cop?
A   Please take your motorcycle off my leg.

Q  What did the cop say to the lawyer?
A   Whack.
      You’re lucky you’re not in Tien Ahn Mien Square
      Whack Whack
      Or Damascus, Riyad, or Tehran
      Whack Whack Whack Whack.

Bankster: Why are you here? Don’t you understand what we do?
Demonstrator: Yes I understand what you do – that’s precisely why I’m here.

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