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Should The President have Known About Al Queda’s Planned Attack on Sept 11?

Did President George W. Bush drop the ball on National Security?  What would a President Gore have done differently?

My song, “Gone Now Forever”  ( XB Cold Fingers / You Tube ) tells the story of a man who was lost on September 11, and his family. My friend Maria loves it, but it brings a tear to her eye. It also brings anger, and resolve.

I also wrote “City of Heroes” ( XB Cold Fingers ) to attempt come to grips with the attack of September 11. This began as an eyewittness account – I saw the flames from 34th Street and 7th and walked down as far as 18th St. It developed into a tribute to the men, women and children killed or whos lives were disrupted by the terrorist hijackers, including the cops and firefighters, who rushed into the Trade Center and the passengers and crew of Flight 93.

As I learned more about “Al Queda,” which means “The Base,” I re-wrote the song to challenge the notion of “Holy War.” No religious leaders, I think, are worth following if the teach that “We are Saved and They are to be killed.”

Then, as I began to understand the official American response to the terrorist act, to the “Unholy War” that “brought the twin towers down,” I added an additional focus: our official response, the war in Iraq, our use of torture.

But … President Clinton and Vice President Gore knew that bin Laden was a threat. They knew he financed and or masterminded the simultaneous attacks on U. S. embassies in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya on August 7, 1998, and the October, 2000 attack on the U. S. S. Cole.

Should the President, then George W. Bush, have had a better understanding of the threat posed by bin Laden and his people? Tony Karon, in “Time” magazine on May 30, 2001, 3 months before the September 11 attack on the Pentagon and the attack on The World Trade Center, wrote
the conviction in New York of four footsoldiers of Osama bin Laden’s jihad to drive the United States out of the Middle East…. the man named in the indictment as the architect of the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania wasn’t even in court … Bin Laden remains holed up in Afghanistan under the protection of its ruling Taliban militia, [which] reiterated that it has no intention of handing him over for trial….“

The war on terrorism is primarily about intelligence — being able to monitor your enemy’s communications and anticipate his actions in order to confound his plans and keep him on the defensive.”

As we know from the mission that brought bin Laden to justice, in Pakistan, far from Kabul and even farther from Baghdad, the ‘war on terrorism’ is a war than can be effectively waged with small teams of commandos using “actionable intelligence.”

Should the President have been able to foil the attacks of September 11? This is an unknowable question. However, We sustained:

1990 assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane in New York City,
1993 bombing of the World Trade Center,
1998 bombings of the Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania,
2000 bombing of the U. S. S. Cole.

And we foiled Al Queda’s Millennium plot.

Should the President have been able to foil the attacks of September 11? Here‘s the timeline of events.  Here‘s the unclassified version of the August 6, 2001 intelligence memo to President Bush.  What do you think? 

And what would a President Gore have done?  

It’s pretty clear that he would not have let bin Laden go and gone into Iraq. But what else? Gore knew that bin Laden was a threat.Clinton, as Commander-In-Chief, set up the CIA unit tasked to investigate bin Laden in 1996. After the Embassies were bombed he ordered an attack on bin Laden’s compound in Sudan.

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Romney, Bush, Cheney, & McCain

Mitt Romney lost the race for the Republican nomination in part because he appeared to be a flip-flopper. He ran to the left of Ted Kennedy when he lost the race for the Massachusetts Senate. He governed Massachusetts from the center. And like most of the other Republicans, he was running to the right of Bush and Cheney in his bid for the White House. The far right wants the war in Iraq, he wants the war in Iraq. They want war with Iran, he wants war with Iran. They want other peoples sons, daughters, husbands, wives, moms and dads to be sent to fight, he wants other peoples sons, daughters, husbands, wives, moms, dads to be sent to fight, die, or lose arms, legs, minds, and like most ‘chicken hawks’ he wants his own sons to stay out of the military and “do the best thing they can for the country – help me get elected President.” They don’t want health care in the US, he doesn’t want health care in the US. They want to close factories and ship jobs overseas, he wants to close factories and ship jobs overseas – which is something he did as a management consultant.

But there is no flip-flopping, there is no bowing to the will of the people by Bush, Cheney, or McCain. McCain is for the war. He knows that most people are against the war, and he even said that he would rather be for the war than be President. He will keep us in Iraq for the next 100 years (or until they run out of oil). Still, Bush and Cheney take the cake. When informed that 75% of Americans are now against the war, Cheney’s response is “So? (I am in power. Get over it.)”

He has a point. He is in power. We should get over it. … Or out from under it.

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I’m Proud to be an American Patriot

I am an American patriot. I’m proud to be an American. I know there are some people, they call themselves “Liberals” who see love of country in work to improve my country, and even in what they call “Principled” dissent. Bullshit. The country is perfect. The President knows what to do, and what he’s doing.

Those liberals claim loyalty to the Constitution; “to the law and the rule of law.” My loyalty is to the President, and to the Flag, as long as the President is a Republican. They claim that the President is not above the law. Even during time of war. But they’re wrong. The Commander in Chief must do what he has to do to keep the country safe, whatever that means. And the Constitution was written a long time ago.

And if you don’t count the votes of the Liberals – who shouldn’t be allowed to vote – most of them are communists – George W. Bush won by a landslide.

Liberals say Police and judges must respect the constitutional rights of all citizens. Criminals must be held accountable for their crimes, and society must administer justice with wisdom and compassion.

I say police and judges must respect the rights of all citizens, as long as they don’t commit crimes. Criminals must be held accountable for their crimes, and society must administer justice with vengeance.

I vote. I write my congressmen. I take them to lunch. Sometimes I pay for their fact finding missions to the Caribbean. I contribute to their campaigns. And I tell my employees to give money to their campaigns, especially if they want to keep their jobs.

So what if 1 out of 6 Americans can’t afford health insurance. That means 5 out of 6 Americans CAN afford health insurance. And ones who can’t – they can go to the emergency room. Or just not get sick. Even if they die, the population just gets healthier.

And so what if our brave soldiers putting their lives on the line don’t have enough weapons, body armor, or ammunition. As Rummy said, “You go to war with the Army you have.” That great American patriot, Marie Antionette, would be proud.

Some people have criticized our Commander in Chief for saying “Bring it On” to the terrorists. But remember, he was a cheerleader in college. He was telling the terrorists that they should forget about terrorism and embrace our way of life. They should watch movies like Bring it On. That’s how they should compete in the marketplace of ideas: with dances, short poems, acrobatics, and pom-poms, not with IED’s, roadside bombs and suicide bombs.

And of course we had to “cook the books” to launch the war in Iraq. Saddam was a clear and present danger. I don’t know why, I don’t need to know why. If my Commander in Chief says so, that’s good enough for me. After all, he’s a Republican and we live in a Republic. Besides, that country has 3 or 4 trillion dollars worth of oil. And we need oil. And they don’t need it. They can’t even keep the power on 24 hours a day. Besides, they’re in the middle of a civil war.

I was proud of Tillman when he enlisted, and very moved to learn that he gave his life for his country. I understand that his death was caused by “friendly fire.” I understand that sometimes these things happen, and sometimes for the good of the war effort the real facts have to be covered up and the media “facts” have to be invented and presented as if they were the true facts.

As for the claim that the President had been warned – repeatedly – in January 2001, June, 2001, August, 2001 about Osama Bin Laden, and did nothing, you must remember that these warnings came from Democrats like Bill Clinton and Richard Clarke and the CIA. How were they to be taken seriously? What do Democrats know about national security? What does the CIA really know about what happens in foreign countries?

And as for the communist allegation that we let Bin Laden escape when we had him cornered in Tora Bora back in 2003, we didn’t let him escape; the Afghan’s let him escape. And that was part of our strategy, or what our Great Leader and Commander in Chief calls in French “our stra-teeg-er-ri.” First corner him. Then pay people to “take him out.” Then let him pay the same people to let him go. This teaches them the value of a market economy and our way of life.

We actually won the war in Iraq back in 2003, when President Bush, our Great Leader and Commander in Chief, positioned himself on an Aircraft Carrier in a flight suit, in front of a sign that read “Mission Accomplished.” He was right. Since then our mission has become a “mopping up operation” and an “occupation.” And by “occupation” I mean it’s a job.

Now the President is the Great Leader and the Commander in Chief, and must be obeyed, except when a Damn-ocrat takes the office. Then we have to do what we can to discredit him and throw him out. The glorious crusade by Independent Prosecutor Kenn Starr against the notorious Bill Clinton is an example. Even tho Starr spent years and millions of dollars of taxpayer money in his investigations, and found nothing, until the lurid details of Clinton’s casual affair with an adult woman were revealed, he did the right thing.

Some people feel that it’s somehow wrong for the White House staff to use Republican Party Central Committee computer systems and e-mail systems, and it’s somehow wrong for those e-mails to be unrecoverable when backups are demanded by the hostile revolutionaries in Congress. But it’s national security. We’re at war. That’s it. End of story.

Some people feel that it was wrong for the someone on the White house staff to “leak” the identity of a covert agent of the CIA. And while it is, technically, a “felony”, the fact remains that husband of the “agent” published an “op-ed” piece in the New York Times that criticized the White House.

Some people feel that it was wrong for the White House to fire those prosecutors because they refused to use their office for the good of the Grand Old Party. But they serve at the pleasure of the President. The President makes the decisions. If he says “investigate this guy because he’s a Democrat” or “lay off this guy cause he’s a Republican”, then that’s what the prosecutor should do.

Some people complain the the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, is somehow incompetent because it didn’t help those poor old people in New Orleans. But it’s not the job of government to help people. Government is not about helping people. Government is about protecting people and winning the war. The Red Cross helps people. Charities help people. Business makes money helping people, when they can pay for help.

Some people complain when the President drafts “signing statements” detailing how he will interpret a law, or, in some cases, how he doesn’t have to obey a law, or enforce a law. They read somewhere in the Constitution that the Legislative Branch, aka the Congress makes the law, the Executive Branch, aka The President enforces the law, and the Judiciary puts people in jail. It’s not that the President is above the law, it’s that the President makes the law. In other words, the President is the law. And the Constitution is old. Really old. Over 200 years old. Times have changed.

I love my country no matter what, sort of the way my dog “Bushie” loves me, even when I kick her. And even if my country wasn’t great, it would still be perfect.

So I’m proud of my country. Proud to be American. Will I be proud of my country in November, 2008 and January, 2009?

I hope so.

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Mukasey Refuses To Commit.

Is “Waterboarding” torture? Mukasey won’t say. The Democrats say waterboarding is torture. The Germans, the British, the Israelis, the Chinese, the Russians, say waterboarding is torture. The British say it doesn’t work. The Russians say it’s fun, but it really doesn’t provide good information, because suspects tell the interrogators what they want to hear, to get it to stop.

But is Waterboarding Torture? Mukasey won’t say.

This is an important question. Yet it’s also important that Mukasey not answer. And here’s why. Forget the question of a U. S. Attorney General appearing to allow torture. Gonzales crossed that bridge. He even tortured his own people – Gonzales tortured Republicans. With every appearance before the Senate grinning like an idiot with his hand in the cookie jar saying ‘what cookies?’ Gonzo Gonzales tortured the Republicans, and every conservative citizen who believes in the rule of law.

Like most lawyers, Mukasey loves the law. And like most men, Mukasey has issues with committment. Perhaps if asked by Larry Craig, or an attractive women, a Senator who looked like Scarlet Johanssen, or Marilyn Monroe, Mukasey would want to commit – at least for a while.

Maybe Dick Cheney, the President of the Senate, should ask the question. He and Judge Mukasey could talk about it while hunting.

Eureka – that’s it – the prospect of a hunting trip with Dick “The Rifleman” Cheney explains why Mukasey won’t answer the question. He’s worried about being invited to hunt with Cheney. Or to visit Guantanamo to experience firsthand the pleasures of waterboarding.

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I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby v. Paris Hilton

If you need a scorecard to tell them apart, here are the top 10 differences between I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby and Paris Hilton.

10. Hilton is a cute blond girl. Libby is a middle aged blond man only his mother thinks is cute.

9. “Scooter” Libby is named after a toy. Paris Hilton is named after a city.

8. Hilton, a socialite, is convicted of drunk driving and driving without a license. Libby, a lawyer, is convicted of obstruction of justice and perjury.

7. Everyone knows Hilton’s first name. No one knows Libby’s first name. This is because the Vice President recently had it classified “top secret.”

6. An ex-boyfriend posted videos on the internet of Hilton having sex. Libby posted the name of a CIA Agent he screwed, but they did not have sex.

5. Hilton served a few days of her sentence and says she is sorry for what she did. Libby didn’t serve any time and is sorry he got caught.

4. Libby is an unemployed ‘Chief of Staff’ whos former boss once shot a friend in the face. Hilton employs a ‘Chief of Staff’ but never shot any of her friends in the face.

3. Hilton’s actions – driving while intoxicated – jeopardized the lives of people in Southern California. Libby’s actions – identifying CIA agents and creating “evidence” to wage a war – endanger the national security of the United States.

2. Hilton is like the Princess Jasmine character from Disney’s 1992 animated feature, “Alladin.” Libby is like Iago, the parrot belonging to Jafar, the evil Grand Vizier.

1. Due to his conviction for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice, Unless pardoned, Libby will be prohibited from practicing law in the United States. Even tho convicted of drunk driving, Hilton can still become President of the United States.

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Scooter Libby, Leaker or Hero? The People v The Media

by L. J. “Gonzo” Furman

Dateline: Washington, DC. It’s not Scooter Libby who should be on trial, it’s the media elite: The Washington Post, Meet the Press, The New York Times, Time Magazine.

According to “classified” and “top secret” documents that I believe may exist although I have no basis for these beliefs, the White House plan was to test the media. And, except for Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, and Comedy Central’s the Daily Show and the Colbert Report; the mainstream media failed the test. Weekend Update and The Daily Show stayed true to their mission: to criticize the White House at every turn. The Colbert Report, in allowing Stephen Colbert to say whatever popped into his mind, also passed the test. While they can no longer be considered “news media,” the Fox network and the New York Post fulfilled their role as cheerleaders for the White House. But the Washington Post, Meet the Press, the New York Times, and Time Magazine, which did not challenge the White House, failed in their mission.

Spokespeople for the media elite, in a news conference that “never happened” said “First of all we have to deliver shareholder value. Second, it’s a new world. There are many new outlets for the news, and we are making room for them, giving them a chance. There is this ‘Internet’ thing, and all those independent ‘bloggers.’ We want to help them by getting out of their way, and we did that by letting them run with this story.”

Spokespeople for Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report said “Thanks. We thought we were making jokes. Does this mean we can get Press Badges? Can we get Pulitzers? And do we get free pizza and concert tickets?” Then they said “But seriously, we are entertainers. We don’t need concert tickets. We give concerts. You guys are journalists, investigative reporters. You’re supposed to investigate.”

The truth is that the White House operates on many levels. When he publicly expressed doubt that “we’ll find out who the leaker is” President Bush challenged the press to investigate. In revealing the identity of Valerie Plame as a covert agent for the CIA, the White House also acted on its plan to show that the CIA was ‘kinder and gentler.’ Plame is happily married to Joseph Wilson. She is therefore a housewife, sort of like the Angelina Jolie character in the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” So in identifying Plame as an agent of the CIA the White House is showing the world the kind of people we have in the CIA. “Listen,” they are saying, “sometimes we apprehend bad people and bring them to places where tough people might ask them tough questions, but we are the good guys. We’re soccer moms. And by the way, we “apprehend” bad guys. We don’t “kidnap” people.”

Regarding the observation that identifying Plame as a CIA agent on “Non-Official Cover” put her life in danger, and also put anyone and everyone she ever worked with in danger, including “assets” in Europe and the Middle East, a spokesperson for the White House, in a telephone conversation that “never took place” said “life is dangerous. People get killed crossing the street. You better not print this. You know what I mean?”

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