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Lou Dobbs wins coveted Father Coughlin Award

New York, August 12. CNN Commentator Lou “Loser” Dobbs (click here) edged out Rush “I Hope He Dies” Limbaugh, Bill “Bubbles” O’Reilly and Glenn “Porn-Man” Beck in the competion for the coveted and prestigious “Father Coughlin” award. The award, sponsored by the KKK, the Aryan Nations, and others is given to the broadcast personality who “embodies the malignant spirit of Father Caughlin, who uses hate speech to incite violence, obfuscate the real issues, hijack the debate, and fire up the base.”

In explaining their decision Derrick William “Billy Bob” Roberts and Karl “The Roverer” Rove said, “We like Limbaugh, we like his stuff. It’s good. Catchy. While he has a dedicated following, most of his listeners can’t read and don’t vote. Limbaugh is an overweight drug-addict, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he’s tired and a has-been.”

“Beck had potential,” they continued, “but Fox News is marginal. With Obama in the White House and Democrats in the House and Senate, we are trying to shore up the support, but he is too new, too green. He doesn’t make sense, which isn’t a problem, but people don’t watch Fox News .”

“The problem with Limbaugh and Beck is that they are no longer firing up the base. People have moved on. They’re out of work, they got no health care. They can’t afford gas for their SUV’s, they are beginning to realize we can’t drill our way out of this, so they ain’t listening anymore. They moved on. Worse, we are actually seeing Beck and Limbaugh energizing the Liberals – the Olberman – Maddow – Stewart – Colbert – SNL audience. That’s growing. When they report the stupid things Limbaugh, O’Reilly, and Beck say

“But Dobbs, he’s different. He’s on CNN. That’s a different audience than Fox. More educated. Liberal. Sympathetic to the Palestinians. Likely to believe all that crap about global warming.” People think CNN is a real news organization. They don’t see Dobbs as a plant.”

The Father Caughlin award is co-sponsored by CNN, Time, which owns CNN, the companies whos executives sit on the Boards of Time and Fox, and the companies who’s advertising sponsors Dobbs, Limbaugh, Beck, and others.

*** This is a work of satire.
These nicknames make no sense. Lou “Loser” Dobbs, Rush “I Hope He Dies” Limbaugh, Bill “Bubbles” O’Reilly and Glenn “Porn-Man” Beck. What was I thinking? A cheap laugh? I left out Pat Buchanan. He grew up listening to Coughlin.

But Beck, Dobbs, Limbaugh and O’Reilly should not be broadcasting hate speech and inciting violence. under the rubric of news. This must stop. There’s a reason that the KKK runs around hiding under sheets and hoods. They know they’re wrong.

Boycott Fox, CNN, and the networks that promote Dobbs, Limbaugh, and Beck, the networks that pronote racism and incite violence, and the advertisers.

The good news is Dobbs ratings are declining, which maybe why he is yelling more and why he called Howard Dean a vampire.(click here)

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Rachel Maddow – Tied Up With Coal Rope? Anthracite Handcuffs?

In Strasbourg, April 3, President Obama summed up the challenges we face:

“We know that the pollution from cars in Boston or from factories in Beijing are melting the ice caps in the Arctic, and that that will disrupt weather patterns everywhere. The terrorists who struck in London and New York plotted in distant caves and simple apartments much closer to your home. And the reckless speculation of bankers that has now fueled a global economic downturn that’s inflicting pain on workers and families — is happening everywhere, all across the globe.

And told us what he wants to do:

“… what I want to be able to do is not only fix the immediate crisis, but, working in partnership with other countries, create a path for sustainable, responsible growth. And I think we can do that. There are a lot of people who benefit from globalization, but there are also people who have been harmed by globalization. Globalization in and of itself can be good, but can also be destructive.

“… we could have just spent the money on the same old ways of doing things. But part of what we decided was if we’re going to be spending a lot of government money anyway, why not spend it to double the amount of renewable energy? Why not spend it on retrofitting existing government buildings so that we drastically reduce their energy consumption?”

I agree with Al Gore that we should move from coal and 100% solar, wind, geothermal, marine kinetic, and other renewable, sustainable energy systems in 10 years. I believe that President Obama’s stated goal, to double the amount of renewable energy, is a good start.

I wrote on this at Popular Logistics, and e-mailed Rachel Maddow (

Burning one ton of coal creates about 3.5 tons of carbon dioxide. According to Robert Bryce, the U S burned about 1.1 billion tons of coal in 2007 creating about 4 billion tons of carbon dioxide, not to mention the fly ash, arsenic, mercury, etc. Is that not a problem? When she was on Air America Rachel criticized the coal industry. Why did Rachel ignore Obama’s comment on sustainability? Last night the coal industry ran an ad on The Rachel Maddow Show. Rachel’s hands are tied with coal rope, she is bound by anthracite handcuffs.

So while the good news is that the progressive agenda has become so mainstream that two nightly TV news programs are blatantly left of center; the bad news is that the buy-partisan coal industry is co-opting the progressive tv news. I guess it’s back to the NY Times which covers all the news that’s fit to print, SNL Weekend Update which is still not ready for Prime Time, Jon Stewart, where nothing is sacred, and The Colbert Report, where Stephen Colbert is sacred, and NPR.

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