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Nader Again

“He made the cars we drive safer; thirty years later, he made George W. Bush the president.”
– The Atlantic Monthly

“If the Democrats can’t landslide the Republicans this year, they ought to just wrap up, close down, and emerge in a different form.”
– Ralph Nader.

“Ralph Nader, running for President, again. I masturbate too, but I do it in private.”
– Hugh Hefner

“The Jews hate him.”
– Mel Gibson

“What drugs is he on? Can I get some?”
– Keith Richards

“Barack will kick his ass.”
– Michelle Obama

“Bill could kick his ass. Hell, Barack could kick his ass.”
– Hillary Clinton

“F*&%$#^ing arrogant bastard. He’s worse than George F*&%$#^ing W. Bush”
– Al Gore

“I thought I need a miracle. God help us. Chuck (Norris) will kick his ass.”
– Mike Huckabee

“Best news I had since I heard that a few Americans were against the war.”
– John McCain

“That Lebanese Christian Jew-boy is hurting my chances, but no real American will vote for him”
– Ron Paul

“Tell him the check is in the mail.”
– Karl Rove

“Maybe I’ll take him hunting. What’s that? He’s on our side. I can shoot him anyway.”
– Dick Cheney, from an undisclosed location.

“Ralph who?”
– George W. Bush

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