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Good News, From a Marxist – Trotskyite Perspective, About the Whale Hunts.

Hunting whales for food violates international law (WSPA, National Geographic). It’s illegal. Iceland and Norway ignore the ban. The Japanese claim to adhere to it by claiming to hunt whales for “scientific” reasearch. After the experiments are complete, they eat the subjects. The experiments seem to be in methods of killing and butchering whales. But here’s a news flash – scientists don’t eat the dogs, cats, chimps, rats, and fruit flies on they which they experiment. Systematic “scientific” study of different recipies is not permitted by the treaties that ban commercial whaling. The Inuit, Pacific Coast Native Americans and aboriginal Icelanders claim it’s their culture. This may be true, however, as Captain Paul Watson, of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has observed, their traditional culture includes neither modern factory ships, nor commercial sales of whale meat to the Japanese.

But there is good news, at least from a Marxist – Trotskyite perspective, about the Whale Hunts.

Mercury causes brain damage – which is why I don’t eat tuna.

PCB’s disrupt endocrine function – which is why I am giving up all fish. And I would go hungry rather than eat whale meat.

Eating whale meat is like eat rats that have been killed with rat poison. Not a good idea.

The “good” news is that whale meat is so full of mercury, PCB’s, and other toxins (Informaworld, Human Health Significance of Organocholorine and Mercury Contaminants in Japanese Whale Meat, Simmonds, Haraguchi, et al, Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health) that it will kill the whale eaters, perhaps before they kill all the whales. Maybe the real question the Japanese “Scientists” are answering is “Which will happen first: epidemic Parkinson’s in Japan or Extinction of the Whales?”

Maybe this explains Lou Dobbs’ nonsensical rants about Obama’s birth. Maybe Lou Dobbs is not a racist, maybe he has eaten so much tuna and whale meat that he has mercury poisoning. And maybe it explains George W. Bush, Norm Coleman, Anne Coulter, Larry Craig, Bobby Jindal, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Michael Steele, and all the rest. Maybe they’ve eaten so much whale meat, tuna, and mercury laden caviar that they have Minamata Disease – mercury poisoning. After all, they are as mad as hatters.

What do you think?

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