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In Bucco Lingua, In the Cheek the Tongue, a Pre-Existing Condition

New York, NY, Aug. 20. Reading thru my insurance policy, I learned that In Bucco Lingua Syndrome, “In The Cheek The Tongue,” aka “Tongue in Cheek” Syndrome is now classified as a pre-existing condition, and it can be used to deny health benefits to anyone, regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. A person, or “patient-like entity” with In Bucca Lingua Syndrome only requires treatment for 72 seconds. 72 seconds is the time allocated for a “patient-like entity” to present identifrication and sign away 87.9 % of one’s assets and be given a prescription for aspirin. A “patient-like entity,” also termed a “patient-like asset” or “cash cow,” is a person named on an insurance policy for whom premiums are collected and to whom actual medical care can be legally withheld.

In Bucco Lingua Syndrome is endemic among people who watch Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, the Daily Show, the Colbert Report, who as children watched Get Smart, or who live in, grew up, or went to college in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, parts of New Jersey, New York City, Boston, Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass, Madison, Wisconsin, Burlington, Vermont, and parts of California. It is also known to have effected people from Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Utah, but only those who left those places for New York, New Jersey, California, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Lenny Bruce, Woody Allen, George Carlin, Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Dave Chappell and Bill Maher are the most famous celebrities who have had it.

There is no cure. However, it leads to a heightened sense of fairness and joie de vivre. It it not statistically known to negatively impact life-span. I was not diagnosed with it, but then again, I can’t afford to see a doctor.

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Lou Dobbs wins coveted Father Coughlin Award

New York, August 12. CNN Commentator Lou “Loser” Dobbs (click here) edged out Rush “I Hope He Dies” Limbaugh, Bill “Bubbles” O’Reilly and Glenn “Porn-Man” Beck in the competion for the coveted and prestigious “Father Coughlin” award. The award, sponsored by the KKK, the Aryan Nations, and others is given to the broadcast personality who “embodies the malignant spirit of Father Caughlin, who uses hate speech to incite violence, obfuscate the real issues, hijack the debate, and fire up the base.”

In explaining their decision Derrick William “Billy Bob” Roberts and Karl “The Roverer” Rove said, “We like Limbaugh, we like his stuff. It’s good. Catchy. While he has a dedicated following, most of his listeners can’t read and don’t vote. Limbaugh is an overweight drug-addict, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he’s tired and a has-been.”

“Beck had potential,” they continued, “but Fox News is marginal. With Obama in the White House and Democrats in the House and Senate, we are trying to shore up the support, but he is too new, too green. He doesn’t make sense, which isn’t a problem, but people don’t watch Fox News .”

“The problem with Limbaugh and Beck is that they are no longer firing up the base. People have moved on. They’re out of work, they got no health care. They can’t afford gas for their SUV’s, they are beginning to realize we can’t drill our way out of this, so they ain’t listening anymore. They moved on. Worse, we are actually seeing Beck and Limbaugh energizing the Liberals – the Olberman – Maddow – Stewart – Colbert – SNL audience. That’s growing. When they report the stupid things Limbaugh, O’Reilly, and Beck say

“But Dobbs, he’s different. He’s on CNN. That’s a different audience than Fox. More educated. Liberal. Sympathetic to the Palestinians. Likely to believe all that crap about global warming.” People think CNN is a real news organization. They don’t see Dobbs as a plant.”

The Father Caughlin award is co-sponsored by CNN, Time, which owns CNN, the companies whos executives sit on the Boards of Time and Fox, and the companies who’s advertising sponsors Dobbs, Limbaugh, Beck, and others.

*** This is a work of satire.
These nicknames make no sense. Lou “Loser” Dobbs, Rush “I Hope He Dies” Limbaugh, Bill “Bubbles” O’Reilly and Glenn “Porn-Man” Beck. What was I thinking? A cheap laugh? I left out Pat Buchanan. He grew up listening to Coughlin.

But Beck, Dobbs, Limbaugh and O’Reilly should not be broadcasting hate speech and inciting violence. under the rubric of news. This must stop. There’s a reason that the KKK runs around hiding under sheets and hoods. They know they’re wrong.

Boycott Fox, CNN, and the networks that promote Dobbs, Limbaugh, and Beck, the networks that pronote racism and incite violence, and the advertisers.

The good news is Dobbs ratings are declining, which maybe why he is yelling more and why he called Howard Dean a vampire.(click here)

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